How to fix Galaxy S8 camera focus problem

After the Note 7 debacle, users expected Samsung to be more serious about their phones. Although both the flagship devices from Samsung, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8 haven’t caught fire yet, they come with certain issues.

Of course, not all units suffer from these issues but there are few unlucky ones that have one issue or the other. Many users have reported that Samsung Galaxy S8 has a problem where the camera doesn’t focus when you open the camera app. This doesn’t happen always, but it often does.

Samsung Galaxy S8 flaunts a 12MP Dual Pixel sensor, with F1.7 and 4K video recording on the rear camera, while on the front side you get CMOS 8.0 MP sensor with F1.7. The cameras on Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are one of the best mobile phone cameras that are available out there.

Having an issue with the camera on Galaxy S8 or for that matter, any issue on Galaxy S8 can be quite frustrating considering the price tag attached to Galaxy S8. Coming back to the focus issue, the camera doesn’t focus properly on Galaxy S8. Anything that is closer (within an inch difference) to the camera is fine but trying to focus on far away objects (which we normally do) is difficult. The detail on the close up is brilliant but on far away objects the camera refuses to focus and hence looks very blurry and unclear.

If it makes you feel better, the issue is not limited to Galaxy S8 handsets, other old handsets from Samsung such as Galaxy Note 4, Note 5, S7 etc. also face camera focus issue at times.

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Although we don’t have a permanent solution yet, and even Samsung hasn’t spoken about it, there is a nice and easy temporary fix that can resolve the camera focus issue on your Galaxy S8 or any other device.

The fix

The solution might sound a bit weird, but trust us, the camera focus issue will be gone in a second when you follow the tip. So, brace yourselves! The solution is to shake your phone while the camera app is on. Wait! What? Yes, you read that right. Open the camera app and if there is an issue with camera focus, just shake your phone and boom! The focus will start working again.

However, if shaking does not help, just tap the camera lens or the area around it to fix the issue. We know, we know, it seems we are back in 90’s where we had to hit the TV or other entertainment devices to make them work. But, yes it does work and something is better than nothing.


  1. It works!!…Shamiel

  2. Wow. It worked Lol

  3. I’m in shock ? I can’t believe shaking my phone actually worked

  4. yup – that worked !

  5. i straight up cant belive it worked but it actually did, what a dumb and hilarious issue and i really wonder what causes it

  6. wonderful, I tried everything before!!!

  7. Hahahahahaa lol a fonzi fix

  8. amazing

  9. Stephanie Jane Osorio

    Lmao I thought the shake method was a stupid idea but IT FREAKIN WORKED! Saved me a trip to the tech store.

  10. Ridiculous. Just only Ridiculous.
    Samsung having core function problem still since Note4!!!
    I had to shake the damn thing to get it focus… Still again years and models later.
    Its because the camera is loose.

    Also, If i leave the camera recording video, 50% is blur and 50% clear. It just keeps trying to focus forever.

    One another thing more.
    No chance to take a picture of small text for example. Really close. It just wont focus when its close of paper even if there’s enough light.
    This is a prob for S1 S2 Note2 Note4 S6 S7 S8. Tried with all.

  11. Vasilis Mpoutikos


  12. Whoah! It works!!!

  13. OMG, it really works! Thank you! 😀

  14. Its working great. Love the person who invented this solution 🙂

  15. Thank you it worked 😁. I looked every where for help. 👍

  16. Jennifer Anne Santonia

    This should not be the actual repair for the handset. What kind or repair would this be for a costly device that whenever you take a picture you should shake ur phone first. WTH samsung! I got my phone replaced the camera part under warranty but the problem still exists. I shouldnt have switched to samsung and stayed loyal to Sony.

    1. Yep, the trick is basically a bug within a bug that helps us overcome the bug itself.
      You definitely expect more from Samsung.
      What is the worst is that they haven’t this with a software update yet….

      1. Im thinking now if i should try to present my unit again to the service center or wait for any further update. Why does samsung stay silent regarding this issue.. cant they just fix it so we can all be happy!

  17. thanks a lot! that fixed the issue on my phone!

  18. Wtf shaking it actually worked!?

    1. same here. i thought of dumping it but luckily i came across this post

  19. I’ve replaced the camera on my Galaxy s8 Plus twice and both times the camera worked great for a short period then acted up again. I don’t think it’s the phone but rather the camera itself. As tiny as it is, the little camera actually moves around while focusing. It is so small I think it just sometimes has trouble moving. My suspicion is that shaking it around jolts the camera so it can move again. It must get stuck. I ordered another camera from a different supplier and hopefully that will work better. I simply think it is a design flaw in the camera, or perhaps poor components not up to the delicate task.

  20. Unbelievable…. That worked!!!

  21. I this was taking the piss, but it actually worked! Saved me from buying a new phone, thanks so much 😅

  22. I honestly thought this was a joke. Instead it worked.

  23. Shaking didnt work but tapping the camera did! Thanks. I can remember years ago being so mad with my ipad i hit it with a wooden spoon and that worked too haha

  24. WOW
    can’t believe this
    It realy WORKS!

    Thanks a lot

  25. It really worked wow that’s incredible

  26. It worked 😀 . But I am wondering whether this occurs because the camera is deteriorating and getting older. So in other words I am wondering whether it is a quick fix – still very useful – and that in the long run the camera will in any case to be replaced. Thanks

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