How to Create Seamless Repeating Patterns Using Tile Parameter on Midjourney

What to know

  • The Tile parameter on Midjourney can help you create seamless patterns by turning your prompt into a repeatable tiled image. 
  • When you enter a prompt with the --tile parameter, you will get 4 separate tiled images, all different from each. 
  • Tile parameter only generates a single tile, so to create repeating patterns you will have to use tools like this Seamless Pattern Checker or a preferred photo-editing software. 

What is the Tile parameter on Midjourney?

Midjourney lets you generate seamless repeating patterns that you can use to create fascinating designs. This is done using the Tile parameter which is denoted by --tile which generates the tile you requested designed in a way that when repeated will create a seamless design. 

This parameter can come in handy when creating designs for wallpaper, fabric, or texture. When you use the --tile parameter, Midjourney will create a single tile based on your prompt. This means the initial image grid will consist of 4 different designs of 1 tile that Midjourney has generated based on the input text. 

To see how this tile looks upon repetition, Midjourney suggests that you use this Seamless Pattern Checker. Here, you can process the generated tiled image and see how it looks when its placed adjacent to each other repeatedly.

Although Midjourney will generate a seamless design for a tile with zero flaws, you may not like all of them when recreated using multiple tiles. So, you must use the pattern checker on a generated tile to check and see how the tile looks when repeated before adding it to your design or product. 

How to use the Tile parameter on Midjourney

Using the Tile parameter on Midjourney is pretty simple. The Tile parameter is denoted using the --tile command which is to be added at the end of the prompt. When the parameter is to be used in a prompt, you’ll have to follow the syntax below to generate tiled images:

/imagine prompt <description> --tile

To start using the tile parameter on Midjourney, open any of Midjourney’s Discord servers or access the Midjourney Bot from your Discord Server or Discord DM. Regardless of how you access it, tap on the text box at the bottom.

Here, type /imagine and select the /imagine option from the menu.

Now, enter your desired description for the image you want to generate inside the “prompt” box.

Once you’ve entered your prompt description, add the --tile parameter at the end of your prompt and then press the Enter key. 

Midjourney will now start processing your image grid and upon completion, you should see a set of 4 images based on your prompt.

Depending on the image you like, you can upscale or make variations on it by choosing the corresponding options underneath the generated image grid. 

How to create a seamless pattern from generated tiles on Midjourney

When you use the Tile parameter, the initial image grid shared by Midjourney will only have individual tiles of 4 different patterns based on the prompt you entered. You won’t be able to generate a seamless pattern from your preferred generation within Midjourney itself. 

To create a seamless pattern from a generated tile, click on the corresponding upscale option (U1-U4) underneath the image grid. 

When you do that, Midjourney will show you the upscaled version of the image in a new response.

You can click on this image and click on Open in Browser to load the upscaled image in a new tab. 

When the image fully loads up on the new tab, right-click on it and click on Save Image

With the image now saved on your computer, open the Seamless Texture Checker page on your web browser. Here, click on the File button at the top. 

In the window that appears, locate and select the upscaled image you saved earlier. 

This will load the tile in the background and you should be able to preview the seamless pattern in the background. To download the entire image on your computer, click on the download icon at the top right corner. 

The image will now be saved inside your default downloads folder on your device. You can use this image for wallpapers, fabrics, and other textures however you wish. 

What kind of images can you create using the Tile parameter?

The Tile parameter makes it easy for you to generate seamless patterns from an image you create on Midjourney. Although the tool can only generate a single tile for your design, applying the generated tiles as repeating patterns makes it useful for a bunch of creative applications. These patterns can be used as wallpapers (both digitally and physically), for 3D modeling, and as textures on fabrics and printed merchandise. 

We used the Tile parameter with a handful of prompts on Midjourney and here’s what we were able to generate. 

Original Prompt Generated tile Repeated tiles (4×2)
Etel Adnan’s painting depicting spring flowers –tile
patterns by Stuart Davis –tile
spring flowers by Mandy Disher –tile
Cuno Amiet’s painting depicting sunny countryside –tile
Arabesque patterns –tile
abstract minimalism by Giacomo Balla –tile
patterns by Wilhelmina Barns-Graham –tile
patterns by Laurel Burch –tile
patterns by Laurel Burch –tile
De Stijl –tile

All of the repeated patterns above were generated in 4 x 2 tiles format but you can create a pattern of your choice in your preferred dimension however you wish to. 

That’s all you need to know about using the Tile parameter on Midjourney.

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