How to Hide Profile Photo on Whatsapp

Whatsapp was recently updated to version 2.11.169 bringing along features that Android users have been asking for a long time and which iPhone users had for quite a time ─ the ability to control (or completely hide) who the ‘last seen’ of a user.

Thanks to Whatsapp team for not stopping at the ‘last seen’ thing only. The recent update brought along two more privacy options to the app letting users also control who can see their profile photo and who can see their status on Whatsapp.

To hide profile photo on Whatsapp you first need to install the version 2.11.169 (or higher) of Whatsapp on your Android phone. This version is not yet available on the Play Store (as of 25th Feb. 2014) so you need download the .apk installation file of Whatsapp and sideload it onto your device. You can get the .apk file along with a guide on how to install it at the link below:


Once you’ve got the Whatsapp version 2.11.169 installed on your phone. Do the following:


  1. Open Whatsapp settings page from menu
  2. Select Account » then select Privacy
  3. Now under the ‘Who Can See My Personal Info’ you’ll see the ‘Profile photo’ option, select it
  4. Choose the option of your preference from the list. Below are detailed explanations of each option:
    • Everyone: Let’s anyone who has your number see your Profile photo
    • My contacts: Limits your Profile photo visibility only to people who are in your contacts list
    • Nobody: Hides your Profile photo from everyone. Making it visible only to you.

Your option is saved as soon as you select it. You can now go back and continue using Whatsapp. Enjoy!

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