Google’s Project Nova Mobile Service to be Exclusive to Nexus 6 Initially

nexus 6 project nova

A few months back, reports started suggesting that Google is preparing to introduce its own mobile phone service that is codenamed Project Nova. Things moved quickly and Google’s Sundar Pichai confirmed the existence of the project at the MWC 2015 tech show earlier this week.

As per a recent The Wall Street Journal report, the Project Nova will be launched initially with a product lineup, the Nexus 6. It is weird that the whole project of a phone network is restricted only to one device. But, it will be a soft launch for the Mountain Valley firm.

This move makes sense as the Project Nova will use the phone networks such as T-Mobile and Sprint alongside Wi-Fi signals. Google has to needs to have a tight control on both hardware and software to ensure that there is a smooth transition in doing things. This way, Google can closely monitor how it all goes about with the new service on the Nexus 6.

nexus 6 project nova

As of now, there is no information on how this new project will be put to implementation. It is also not known if any other current generation devices or the previous generation Nexus devices will be a part of this project later. This project might bring in timely updates as well.

Already, the Lollipop update includes the ability for different applications to choose different networks. For instance, streaming services can choose the one with strongest signal and applications requiring light data will prefer Wi-Fi even when there is weak signal. Moreover, the Nexus 6 is one of the few devices that has the required antennae to support switching between the networks of North American bands.

So far, this service has only been confirmed to be available in the US, and there are no clues if it will arrive in other regions in the future.

Source: The Wall Street Journal