Google’s ATAP promises sock blowing wearables at the Google I/O

Shortly after Google posted the schedule of this year’s I/O schedule, the Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP ) team also organized a session titled “Badass and beautiful. Tech and human. Love and work. ATAP.” Which actually leaves you thinking about stuff like Samurai swords, Terminator and Don’t-Mix-Well respectively.

Jokes apart, the title leaves you absolutely clueless as to what the ATAP guys are planning for the Google I/O, but should you prove to be a little more inquisitive and actually go through the description — there are some pretty obvious hints of a new wearable.

Before you get all un-excited though, keep in mind that when we say new wearable, we do not mean a new smartwatch or a bracelet or something like that. The “new” here refers to something that has never been smarti-fied before and judging by the mention of “wearable we hope will blow your socks off.” we may just be looking at smart footwear of some kind. What’s more, the description also adds that “the sock reference is meant more literally than you might think.”  Self folding socks anyone?


The session loses us right after this, when it goes on to talk about breaking the tension between the “ever-shrinking screen sizes necessary to make electronics wearable and our ability to have rich interactions with them.”  Wait, what???

Be that as may, one thing is certain. The Google I/O will be host to a brand new type of wearable and that in itself leaves us quite excited. For now, lets take the time to speculate on what form the new smart wear might take. Ideas anyone?

Source: Google I/O