Google WiFi app now lets you schedule pause for Family WiFi

The Google WiFi app’s primary function is to set up and manage your Google OnHub and Google WiFi points at your home. As simple as it sounds, this small level of functionality relieves us from big headaches, giving us more control over WiFi network.

Do you want your kids to stop watching YouTube when its dinner time? No problem! The app has now been updated to bring you scheduling for your Family WiFi, where you can schedule when the WiFi needs to be on or off.

In addition to that, Wired WiFi points is also here with this update. With this, you will be able to identify whether your WiFi points are connected via mesh or Ethernet.

The app isn’t just a switch for turning your WiFi on or off. It can be used to prioritize download speeds for devices. You can also see what devices are using your network, see real-time bandwidth usage, check the connection speed, create a separate guests network and a whole lot more.

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In a nutshell, the Google OnHub router along with the Google WiFi app is a whole world away from all the pains of having to set up a network with conventional modems and access points.

If you’re frustrated with your current WiFi setup, go ahead and purchase the OnHub router and download the Google WiFi app  for a flawless experience.

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