Report: Google to unveil a cheaper Pixel phone, new smart speakers, wearables and web cameras

Google is set to ramp up its hardware efforts with a series of new products as well as refreshes to current devices, a new report by Nikkei reveals.

With prices of premium smartphones rising every other year and the failure of Apple to capitalize on the ever-growing price-sensitive smartphone market, Google is said to be working on a certain Pixel ‘Lite’ smartphone meant for emerging markets and generally, the price-sensitive buyer.

We’ve heard plenty of rumors about a cheaper Pixel smartphone being in the works, something that is backed by this latest development. The report further reveals that the cheaper Google Pixel phone will be accompanied by a series of new smart speakers, wearables as well as web cameras.

Google Pixel 3 lite leak-4

It’s nothing new to see reports about Google smart speakers. In fact, it’s not even surprising that Google has plans to venture into the security camera business as well after the search giant captured Nest back in 2018.

Last but not least, Google seems to be working on multiple wearables. This was signaled by a job listing that went up a few days ago, but with the Nikkei report, we can now rest assured that plenty of wearables are in the works.

Of course, the fact that a cheaper Google Pixel is in the works won’t affect the company’s plans to release a new premium Pixel 4 phone later this year, the report affirms.

Note that we tried to pick the relevant bits from the report, but if interested in the full Nikkei report, check out this link.


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