Google Search and Google Maps Will Now Show the Latest Social Media Posts From Business Profiles

What to know

  • You will soon see social media updates by businesses appear in Google Search and Google Maps
  • The updates will appear at the bottom of the business profile in a dedicated section called ‘Social media updates’.

Businesses leave no stone unturned when promoting their products and services. But users don’t always see their social media updates when searching for them. All that is soon going to change. Google will now include the latest social media updates by businesses right within Google Search and Google Maps

Google Search and Maps will show social media posts from business profiles

Staying in the loop of what your favorite cafe or event organizer is up to has never been easier. Soon you’ll receive all the updates from businesses right within Google Search or Google Maps. No matter what the occasion, be it a product launch or a quick update, as long as the business has a linked social media account and has posted recently, all the updates are only a quick search away. 

All the latest social media posts will appear in a dedicated section below their profiles, called ‘Social media updates’.

Image: Krystal Taing (LinkedIn)

By the same token, businesses that already have their social media accounts linked to their Google Business Profiles (GBP) will see their posts appear automatically in Google Search and Google Maps. Businesses will find their posts on all major platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, X, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube appearing in the dedicated section.

This is a great addition that will benefit not only the businesses promoting their products and services but also the users searching for them. However, the feature is currently only available in a few regions, and that too only for a few businesses. Nevertheless, one can expect this to expand fast across all regions and businesses so users will be able to find recent updates from their favorite outlets and businesses nearby.

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