Google replaces text-based password with fingerprint/screen lock

Google has taken another significant step in its mission of eliminating text-based passwords. The company will now allow users to verify their identity through fingerprint or screen lock instead of a conventional password.

The new feature has already started rolling out on Google Pixel devices and will be released for other Android devices (Nougat or later) over the next few days.

Upon receiving the feature, you’ll able to use your fingerprint/screen lock in certain Google services, such as Google Passwords. To top it off, you won’t need to perform any additional steps to make it work. Only open the supported Google services on your mobile web browser, and you’ll get the option of unlocking through your device’s native screen-unlock protocol.

Coming to security, you can rest assured that Google’s not reading/storing your fingerprint or screen-unlock data. Based on the FIDO2 standards, W3C WebAuthn, and FIDO CTAP, the new system authenticates your biometric/screen-unlock method, locally, on your device, and only tells Google whether you were successfully authenticated.

Check out this neat GIF from Android Authority to see the new authentication system in action.

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