Google releases three new experimental camera apps called Storyboard, Selfissimo, and Scrubbies

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We all know that Google loves experimenting with new tools and software. Take, for example, the tool that can detect when someone is peeking at your mobile screen. Now, Google wants to experiment with some new camera apps.

Google is calling this appsperiments and all of these apps focus on bringing a new perspective to photography. The company has released three new photography apps called Storyboard, Selfissimo, and Scrubbies.

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First, lets talk about Storyboard. This is an app that converts your videos into a comic strip. And all of this is done in realtime, on your device. Simply shoot a video and open it in the Storyboard app, which selects the best frames from the video and applies a visual style to make it look like a comic strip. You can refresh the frames to choose the best out of several million possibilities.

Next up, is Selfissimo! This, as the name suggests, is for the selfie obsessed. This app can automatically take photos in black and white whenever you strike a pose. It is a simple to use app. Launch the app, tap on the screen to start taking photos, and tap again to stop.

The third app, is called Scrubbies, and it is similar to the Boomerang feature on Instagram, but more fun. With this app, you can control the speed and the direction of video playback. Basically, you can make loops that can show things you want, however you want. You will have to shoot the video using the app. As of now, this app is only available on iOS.

So, there you go! Three new apps for you to try out. The first two, Storyboard and Selfissimo, are available right now from the Play Store.

Google recently also released new Augmented Reality apps called ARCore and AR Stickers for the Pixel smartphones. Do try them out as well!

Download Storyboard from Play Store

Download Selfissimo from Play Store

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