Google releases Android Pay in Belgium

Belgium has become the 10th country in the world where Google’s Android Pay has been released. A significant tool in cashless transactions, Android Pay can be used across 85,000 retail locations throughout the western European country. This means, you no longer need to carry cash when heading out to dine in McDonald’s or purchasing a product over at Media Markt, Android Pay will do the work for you.

With Android Pay, there’s just no need to keep juggling with your phone and your wallet while making payments. All one needs to do is, make sure the phone is unlocked, hold it to the payment terminal and the payment is made. You do not even need to open any application. Can it get simpler than this?

Android Pay also makes online payments more convenient. You no longer need to enter your payment or address details every time you purchase a product online. Just look for the Android Pay purchase button in apps and tap on it.

It’s not only easy to pay via Android Pay, but even safe to use. Once the payment is made using the app, the details of the recent transactions are sent to your phone. Also, your actual card number is not shared with the store when making a transaction with Android Pay, instead a virtual account number is used to represent your card so that your information stays perfectly safe.

And in case you lose your phone, the Android Device Manager can be used to lock the Android app instantly and secure it with a new password, or erase all personal data.

To set up the Android Pay app, install it from the Google Play Store, add a credit or debit card from any participating bank and you are ready to go. Any Android phone with KitKat 4.4 OS or higher is eligible to use the app for online purchases. But for in-store purchases, NFC support on the phone s required.

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