Google Plus Updated. Check Out New Google Plus Videos and Photos!

Google Plus Update

The first major update to Google Plus has arrived, and it brings with it hell lot of changes, mostly good. The update is bring rolled over right now to users on gradual basis, so one can be hopeful to test out the new features and changes on his own Google Plus account pretty soon. Till then, check out the list of changes made, new features and photos and videos the Search Engine giant has shared with us.

Navigation is Personalized Now

You can change the way apps appear, in fact even whether they appear or not (hidden). Drag apps around, hover to get options and hide/unhide them from More option, keeping only those apps visible which you the most. Favoritization, eh!

Introducing Conversation Cards

How you have a talk or share stuff has been given a re-thought too. It’s hard to explain it without actually using it, so here’s what Google itself says:

We’re aiming for an experience that fuses utility with beauty—one that inspires you to connect with others, and cherish the conversations that unfold. Today’s update is an important step in this direction, including:

  • Full bleed photos and videos that’ll make you really proud to post
  • A stream of conversation “cards” that make it easier to scan and join discussions
  • An activity drawer that highlights the community around your content

Dedicated Hangout Page

One features that still distinguishes Google Plus from others (read: Facebook) is Hangouts. Still unmatched, and much loved by active Google Plus users, Hangouts has received a dedicated page where you can get to know of the open hangouts world over you can join in, and the invitations made to you to join a hangout, and recommendation from Google: collection of cool hangouts, pro tips and other stuff that you might want to know of.

New Feature: Explore.

Why depend only on known ones to find out unknown news, gossip or any sort of activity/event making rounds on the Internets. The Explore app (this appears in the left along with other apps like Home, Circles, Profile, etc.) gets you all that that’s making lots of people go talking about.

When Will I Get It?

Well, Google says the changes are being rolled out and within next few days, you should get them too. So, open your Google+ page by simply visiting, and see if it’s already live or spam it with regular hits of that F5 key if you haven’t got it yet, and have got nothing else to do. Allow me to go, please, I’m gonna test my keyboard’s build quality now with that F5 key smashing.

Let us know of your thoughts in comments below. Likes, dislikes, cool stuff, not cool stuff, etc.

New Google Plus Photos

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New Google Plus Videos

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