Google Play Store app to get a white Search bar (Google Now style)

Google is planning to add the white Search bar that is similar to the standard Google search bar on Android’s home screens, to the Google Play Store. In an upcoming update, the white search bar replaces the current tiny magnifying glass button located in the upper right of the app. This feature allows users to tap anywhere on the bar to pop up the search function. The white search bar is similar to the one you see in Google Now.

You will also be delighted to see the return of spinning arrow animation, which was made to hide behind the slide-out menu in one of the recent updates.

The Google White Search bar isn’t used by much Google apps yet, but it’s a good hint that other apps might as well get it. Right now, most Google apps adorn the colorful material search bar style.

As of now, we have no details on when the Play Store Update will roll out, but it is expected soon.

Source: Google+