Google Maps Will Soon Get an AI Navigation Assistant and Recommendations

What to know

  • Google is adding generative AI into Google Maps to provide smart recommendations to users.
  • With generative AI in GMaps, users will be able to get better navigation assistance and recommendations based on their budget, location, interests, weather, etc.
  • Currently, the AI integration into Google Maps is only available for users in the US. 

In an attempt to simplify navigation assistance and provide better recommendations, Google is supercharging Maps with the addition of generative AI. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming update to Google Maps, what to expect, and when you can expect it on your device.

Google Maps to get generative AI recommendations 

Soon, users will be able to search Google Maps with the help of generative AI, and get activity and location recommendations, as well as adventurous and fun things to do near them. The search can be fine-tuned based on your budget, location, weather, etc.  

Once it’s available on their devices, users will be able to tap on the ‘Try it’ button at the bottom of the app, which opens up the regular terms and conditions page that also explains how the feature works.

Thereafter, whenever users require AI assistance, they can do so straight from the search menu in Google Maps. The generative AI page will offer prompt recommendations as well as tips and ideas about events and activities to try. Additional details, such as budget, weather, and areas of interest can be added in the field at the bottom of the page.

Bringing AI to Maps might be the masterstroke that propels Google’s homegrown generative AI into the daily lives of users.

The AI-powered search in Google Maps is currently available only for users in the US. When it will arrive to users in other countries is still up for speculation, though it shouldn’t take more than a few weeks, if not months. 

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