Google Chrome may get a built-in ad-blocker soon

Google may soon come to the rescue of Chrome users harried by unnecessary ads. The company is planning to bring an ad-block feature to Chrome which might soon be made active in the coming weeks, as per The Wall Street Journal report.

Well, this may sound like a contradiction as this move by Google will be like culling its own chickens. Pretty much so as it is earning a good amount of cash thanks to Adsense.

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But it is a well thought defensive plan by Google with an aim to to reduce the use of third-party ad-blockers that strip out all ads and instead bring its own ad-block tool which will only ‘filter out certain online ad types deemed to provide bad experiences for users as they move around the web.’

This brings up the question as to what ads would be Google consider unacceptable. The Wall Street Journal says:

In one possible application Google is considering, it may choose to block all advertising that appears on sites with offending ads, instead of the individual offending ads themselves.

This may be a warning bell for site owners who ‘might be required to ensure all of their ads meet the standards, or could see all advertising across their sites blocked in Chrome.’ Once implemented, the ad-block feature will be made compatible for both the desktop and mobile versions of Chrome.

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  1. So the owner of Ad-block loses a lot of clients or is google collaborating with ad-block ?

  2. that’s great!! the pop-up adds r very annoying on every browser and Chrome is one of my favorite, glad to see they implementing an Ad-block directly into the browser!!

    1. Not all ads will be blocked though.Some ads will still be shown if it passes the requirements 😀

  3. Oh my! I can’t believe how considerate they are to their users. They know our struggles with annoying ads. It’s like a mother worrying over their child lmao. But seriously tho, props to them for going out with this feature as a default feature. I also love how they’re not forgetting about mobile version too. Bravo!

  4. Trimanpreet Singh Chawla

    This is a nice news as ads are a lot prevailing on web browsers which make virus and other harmful files enter our computer. Google has made a good move. It is appreciable.

  5. Seeing how inevitable the ads are and that google would never completely stop advertisements, this is the next best thing. The annoying pop ups and misleading click redirects will be squandered and only the legal, appropriate apps that don’t get in the way forcefully. That is welcome

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