Google brings Hangouts to Search, lets users chat directly with businesses

Are you one of those people who have a hard time choosing a restaurant to throw a party or just hang out? Some of you might have concerns about the prices and some of you might be worried about the service. Well, worry no more! Because there’s good news to all you people out there.

Google has now taken its Hangouts one step further by offering this amazing new service where you will be able to text a restaurant or a bookstore or any business for that matter via the Google Hangouts! And, you can ask questions in real time! So now, you can put forth all your queries and obtain all the information you need.

The feature is available right below the location details, next to the contact number. When you click the link, you can see a hangout which will open up. The thing is, the company has to be listed as available to chat for you to use that feature. So now, in case you want to go to a book store or something, you can always ask them if they have the book you want.

However, this is not yet a permanent feature. Google is still experimenting with it. But, we all do wish that this one doesn’t fall aside, don’t we? Well, come to think about it, it really is a handy feature. Guess we just have to wait and see what happens!

Via: AndoirdAuthority