Google AR 3D Athletes List: Who Can You View in 3D? [May 2021]

Google I/O is one of the most sought-after tech events of the year and the company has just announced new additions to its AR search lineup. Google has now added 3D AR representations of popular sports personalities to its roster of AR search results. In addition to this, you also get access to more than just static avatars and even popular routines in some cases. If you have been excited about this new addition then here is all that you need to know about it. 

3D Athletes on Google AR

Google has now added 3 popular sports personalities to its roster of Google AR search results. Google AR allows you to interact with various 3D AR models of real-life objects and organisms allowing you to take a closer look at their bodies and posture. Previously this included popular mammals like Tiger, Giant Panda, Leopard, Goat, Cheetah, and more.

You also got various 3D representations of physics, biological and chemistry terms as well as other categories. But this addition of sports personalities is set to usher in a whole new era of Google AR search on Android devices. Here are the 3 new sports personalities that you can currently view on your Android devices using Google Search. 

How to view sportspersons in Google AR

You simply need to search for one of the personalities above on a compatible device with ARcore, and you should be able to view the AR search results for the desired sportsperson. For example, here’s how you can view the 3D AR model of Simone Biles currently available in the search results.

Are the avatars static?

The avatars on static you get access to handpicked routines and movements that you can view in real-time depending on the device and accessory that you are using. This can be hugely beneficial if you are an athlete, looking to improve their posture and routine while learning from the best in the world. You can find the following routines for each sportsperson added to Google AR. 

Simone Biles

Megan Rapinoe

Naomi Osaka

And that’s it! You can also use the links above to directly view the avatars in AR if you are using a compatible Android device to read this article. 

We hope you were able to familiarize yourself with the new sportspersons added to Google AR search results recently. If you have any suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comments below. 

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