Google announces its first Android wear watch face called Street Art

Its time for some “Street Art”. Apparently, that’s what Google has decided to call its first ever watch face for Android wear. Well, about time Google!

Anyways, the  brand new watch face, — which consists of a collection of works from over a dozen artists from the Google Art Project — comes with three distinct display modes namely, analog, digital, and minimal. The analog of course refers to the round watch face with numerals around the edges and is best suited for round watches. The digital on the other hand chooses to display the time in numerals at the bottom of the face and consequently does not hide the art itself. The third and final minimal mode is similar to the analog mode except that the hands denoting the time in analog mode are replaced by small circles.


However, Google hasn’t really provided much in the way of customization to its users, in fact the only thing you can do with the watch face is to decide whether or not you want the date displayed.

It would certainly have been a good idea had Google added a way to manually switch between the different street art images —  but for now they just flip around on their own every few minutes.

The Street Art watch face requires your device to run Android 4.3 or above.

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