Google Acquires Timeful iOS App, Inbox and Calendar to Get Time Management Features


On Monday, Google officially announced that it has acquired Timeful’s development team. Timeful is an iOS time management application claimed to be the first intelligent time manager. The app comes with a calendar to handle reminders and to-do lists easily.

The application inserts ‘Habits’ into the daily schedule of the user. Whenever there is downtime, this feature will remind them to carry out their habits such as walking, workout or reading.

timeful features

Google has mentioned that it will make use of the Timeful features in its Inbox and Calendar at first. The time management features will make way to the other applications in the near future. Already, Google Now is related to almost all the services from Google. You can imagine how Timeful will help conveniently with the other reminders.

The Google’s acquisition of the Timeful app will not affect the functioning of the original iOS app as the firm mentioned that the application will continue to function. However, there will be no active development in the application as the development team has been purchased by Google.

Source: Gmail Blog