Get time and custom alerts everytime you snooze your alarm with Alarm Clock Plus Xposed module

Busy schedules and late-night works and studies deprives you of the actual sleeping hours needed for a normal healthy person. Most of the people usually start sleeping really late in the night, however one should definitely get on with their works in the morning. The meager sleeping hours weakens the body both mentally and physically and one interesting psychological fact is that most people irrespective of their sleeping times, lose some of their sleeping hours by observing the alarm snoozes.

To get on with the morning schedules, Alarm is the main weapon for the user to wake up at the correct time. With the advent of smartphones, options like setting snooze times is common in most of the devices. Usually we wake up at the first alarm, but we keep on checking the snooze times to check how much sufficient time remained to get on with our works. This will reduce the quality of our sleep.

But thanks to MythosXe of XDA for designing an Xposed module with the name Alarm Clock Plus which tells you the time of  the alarm snooze. The Alarm clock plus is capable of more than just tell you the time, you can set custom alerts for the snoozes by setting various variables like text, time in the form of Hours, Minutes and seconds, day, month, year, day name and month name. You can combine any of the available variable to make a custom alert.

The Alarm clock plus xposed module uses the native text-to-speech service in the Android OS to convert the alerts to speech. You can set the snooze alert as well as the dismiss alert and the volume of the alert can also be adjusted right from the module.

So have a quality sleep with the Alarm clock plus Xposed module. Download the app from below and follow the instructions to install the module.


Xposed Installer download link.

Alarm Clock Plus Xposed Module download link.

   Installation Instructions

  1. Make sure you have proper Root Permissions on your device, as Xposed Installer prompts for Superuser permissions.
  2. Install Xposed Installer on your device and Reboot your device.
  3. Install the Alarm Clock Plus module on your device and activate it in the Xposed Installer.
  4. Reboot your device once again and you can enjoy the Alarm Clock Plus features after the reboot.