Get the Droid X’s MultiTouch Keyboard on Samsung Galaxy S Devices

Motorola pre-equipped Droid X and Droid 2 with a special custom keyboard that looked damn hotter than not only the stock keyboard, but all sorts of keyboards we’ve seen thus far on android phones. But the looks didn’t kill as much the fact that it was mounted with that always beloved multitouch tech. Yea… a matter of envy for Galaxy S, even.

But if you hold a Galaxy S android phone or any of its variant like Vibrant, Fascinate, EPIC or Captivate, you can have that multitouch keyboard available to your writing needs too. Yep, a Samsung Vibrant user and XDA Forums member, Camalot, was able to port it to his Vibrant android phone and has made the same available on Galaxy S and its other variants too.

So, if you want it and are ready to give it a try, it’s quite easy to get. Head over to XDA Thread to download the apk files and get the install instructions. Also, give a reading to user comments and discussions too, to be satisfied before trying it out.

Known Issues

  • not all the keys fit in the smileys popup for some reason. (light only)
  • Domain popup still has “small” font
  • “.com” in browser mode doesn’t “fit” the button

The developer is working on to solve the issues but neither us or him would be responsible if anything happens to your phone, including bricking. You only are responsible, as always is the case with all sorts of beautiful hacks we discuss here or see elsewhere.

Four different keyboards are available for those who aspire to get the multitouch on their keyboard. The screenshot at the top is of the official Droid X keyboard while the other 3 are below:

Blackout multitouch keyboard

Blackout Multitouch Keyboard for Galaxy S

Pear Phone multitouch keyboard

pear phone iPhone like multitouch keyboard

Dark multitouch keyboard

Dark Multitouch Keyboard for Galaxy S

Via XDA Blog


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