Get Apps in Notification Bar With Hangar, Also Lets You Order Them!

Want to have easy access to your favourite apps from notification panel? Hangar is the app for you! You can have your favourite apps according to your usage. Hangar also includes two home screen widgets.

Hangar shows a notification that resembles the settings toggle of Samsung devices. It shows the icons of the apps that hangar chooses based on your usage pattern. If you want to launch your favourite app in the the middle of a game or another app, you can directly open it from the Notification bar. Hangar includes two widgets also. First widget is Apps widget, which is similar to that of the notification panel. The second one is the stats widget which shows the time spent on each app.

Hangar shows the apps intelligently, based on various factors. But, it can also be configured to choose the apps to be shown on the basis of Recency, Number of launches, or Time spent on each app. The number of apps to be shown can also be changed. If you don’t like an app to be shown in the Notification panel, there is also an option for that. Blacklist option lets you decide which app you don’t want to appear on Hangar. Another feature what I like is that we can choose a colour for the app icons.

Overall, Hangar is a smart app which brings easy access to your favourite apps. To make Hangar to work in its full potential, you must give it a days time. Also the widget adds functionality of a usage counter for all your apps.

Hangar is a free, without any pro version or in-app purchase for extra features. But you can donate to the developer using in-app purchase option or through Paypal.


  • Auto updating icons based on usage
  • Customizable icons
  • Free and No ads


  • No option to add custom apps.

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