Galaxy Tab S Pictures Leak, Again!

The upcoming Galaxy Tab S android tablet from Samsung has broken the covers again, guys, and this time around we get a good look at it, and its front, back, right and left side.

It’s looking slim, of course, and portraits a the Samsung Magazine UX UI, hard Home button in the middle, back camera positioned at the very top with LED, and Galaxy S5 like perforated back perhaps, albeit more spaced out.

This is the 10.5-inch model of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S btw, whose model no. is rumored to be SM-T800.

Besides the above pic, two more images leaked of the Galaxy Tab S.

Galaxy Tab S SM-T800

Leaked Galaxy Tab S Pics

We have already seen the Specs of the Galaxy Tab S, and it’s said to feature almost the same spec-sheet of the Galaxy S5, with fingerprint sensor. Heart rate sensor was not in contention, and the pic above only prove that.

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S will also come in one more size: 8.4 inches, model no. SM-T700.

If you are planning to buy an Android tablet, the Galaxy Tab S is one tablet to look up to and wait for, provided your budget allows you to go for this high-end tablet that could very well touch Galaxy S5’s pricing. After all, it’s big and has almost all features and specs of the Galaxy S5, camera apart, where tablets don’t have to be high end anyway.

Given the fact that there are not many Super AMOLED tablets around, Galaxy Tab S remains the most exciting tablet for the near future.

But, only worry is, that it will launch when people will have a choice in one certain new kind of gadget, the Android Wear OS based smartwatch. Which, just because of something new and trendy, might easily be more exciting option than the tablets, which aren’t that cool now a days, as in the beginning.

I, for one, would choose an HTC One Wear or a Moto 360 anytime, over a new tablet. What do you think?

Sure, if you are buying for kids or other family members, tablet remains first choice, but this may also mean an extra expenditure in smartwatch this summer.

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