More Samsung Galaxy Tab S Specs Emerges: Fingerprint scanner + Ultra Power Saving Mode confirmed

It looks like Samsung is planning ahead for its yet-to-be released Galaxy Tab S by putting out the firmware for the unreleased Galaxy Tab S with model no. SM-T800 days before the rumored launch date which would be on June 12, 2014. We’ve covered some interesting specifications of the Galaxy Tab S based on a anonymous leak a few days earlier, below is the link.

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The leaked firmware helped in bringing some interesting facts which couldn’t be spotted in the leaked image of Galaxy Tab S that showed off its AMOLED display. Unpacking the firmware package revealed some interesting facts on the presence of Finger Print scanner in the upcoming device.

Samsung used some cheap quality Finger Print scanner on the Galaxy S5 which costs a mere 4 dollars which is far less than the Iphone 5S’s scanner which costs around 15-20$. Also, there are reports that the Samsung S5’s much hyped Finger Print scanner got hacked just a few days after its release. So after all it’s not a great thing to boast about but only a marketing gimmick.

Even though the inclusion of the low quality Finger Print scanner is not of great value to the device, still its presence could make a difference from other top end devices. The images and videos that are found in the directories of the firmware demonstrates how to interact with the finger print scanner on the Galaxy Tab S. So the inclusion of the Finger Print Scanner is pretty much official now. One of the picture also confirms that the sensor is housed in the Home button (like the Galaxy S5). Here are the pictures from the firmware that confirm the finger print scanner:




There’s also another confirmed information from the leaked firmware, which is the presence of the Ultra Power Saving Mode feature that debuted on the Samsung’s latest flagship product Galaxy S5. The Ultra Power Saving Mode extends battery life by trimming down the screen brightness and color levels, which saves some juice in your device’s battery. Some images that are related to Ultra Power Saving Mode are also residing in the firmware package that confirms this feature.


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