Galaxy Tab 10.1 gets Superuser, Busybox, etc using ADB route

At the recently concluded Google I/O, the company distributed free Galaxy tab 10.1 — some 5-6Ks — to all attendees. Why, well so that those devs can actually put the newest features of the Android 3.1 Honeycomb to best use, which includes USB accessories support — this thing actually could turn out to be a game changer, you know.

But that Android 3.1 based development aside, the Galaxy tab is seeing its development rocketing, even before it hits the retail stores. First t got rooted, and now su, busybox and other tools/utilities that are good friends of any Pro user are making their way. To install su (superuser), busybox and other tools on your Galaxy tab 10.1, the user has to be Pro in adb use since this indeed depends totally on adb. There is no simpler way available right now, like CM, or Odin, for that matter.

So, here’s how you can install superuser, busybox, and other tools, here’s what you gotta do:

-set (adb root shell)

To Do:
-remove some things which will most likely not be used.




Installation Instructions:
adb push /sdcard/
adb reboot recovery
volume down to apply update from /sdcard
select .zip
hit power to select
scroll down to apply, and apply.
after flash, reboot

For Windows it is reccomended you use adb putty, if you are going to use htop/vim/vi/bash,etc.:
Make sure adb is running. If not, please launch it by typing: adb devices
launch putty.exe
Select Adb
Under Host Name type in: transport-usb
Highlight Default Settings and click save
Select Open.

If you should ever wipe, please do this:
create a /data/tmp as shell:shell, 774
create a /data/.vimrc as root:shell, 444, with the contents: set directory=~/tmp
This is so VIM will have a temporary space for recovery.

The above text is as given at the source: droidbasement. When I get my galaxy tab 10.1 when it launches here in India, I’ll make a video for other users so that even the noob ones can use this hack quite easily. Until then Pro users with full adb knowledge can use the above to install the busybox, superuser and other tools on their Galaxy Tab 10.1.


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