Galaxy S8 production to hit a roadblock?

Samsung’s 2017 flagship phone the Galaxy S8 has got all of us hooked on to it even before its official release. Already touted as a winning flagship device, Galaxy S8 production might hit a roadblock, as per industry sources.

Although the pre-order is yet to start, we still have got a fair idea about the high demand it will generate post its April 21st global release. But Samsung might fail to keep up to this demand owing to sluggish production of Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipsets which will be powering Galaxy S8.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 will be shipped with either Snapdragon 835 which is Qualcomm’s latest system on a chip or Samsung’s Exynos 8895. Now as the production of these two chipsets is not proportionate to the market demand, it is highly probable that Samsung will have to fight it out to secure sufficient SoCs for Galaxy S8.

If Samsung fails to do so, the Galaxy S8 supply line may be halted and its production will face a roadblock, much to the dismay of Samsung fans.

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