Download Galaxy S8 ringtone “Over the Horizon”

Samsung has released a new ringtone for Galaxy S8 ahead of its March 29th launch. Samsung’s signature, six-note groove “Over the Horizon” has been returned for Galaxy S8. For this, the Korean manufacturer teamed up with Grammy Award-winning artist Jacob Collier to ‘compose a tune that’s as unique and inventive as the devices themselves’.

“Over the Horizon” is a default tone on Samsung’s Galaxy device which it launched six years back for its S series phone. This tone gets a new tune with the release of each S-series device. With Samsung Galaxy S8 coming soon, the “Over the Horizon” tune was hugely awaited and has been released.

Now, owning a handset as premium as Galaxy S8 may not be everyone’s piece of cake. But, you can at least have the S8 ringtone saved in your phone. We have ripped the audio part from the video and placed the link below for anyone to download the full song/ringtone.

Galaxy S8 Over The Horizon 2017 – Full song: Download link

We have also trimmed it down in two parts, Vocal and Instrumental, for anyone wishing to use the music as a ringtone.

Download Galaxy S8 ringtones

We’ll be sure to update this page with more ringtones from Galaxy S8 once available. Stay tuned..

Over The Horizon 2017
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