How to fix Galaxy S8 issues

It’s been over four weeks since the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ were released. The phones did pretty well, and millions of people already have the devices in their hands.

Now, as is the case with almost every new product, there are some unhappy customers who are facing issues with their Galaxy S8 or S8+. Recently, there was an issue that garnered a lot of attention from the media. The so called red tint display issue was faced by several Galaxy S8 users, where their screens had a red hue or tint.

Samsung stated that this was just a software issue and debunked the whole thing. They even released a software update that gave users more control over the display color.

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In this post, we’ve outlined some of the Galaxy S8 issues and possible fixes for them, that have been faced by some users. Some are common, while others are very rare, so if you’re facing any issues with your Galaxy S8 or S8+, have a look below:

Galaxy S8 rebooting issue

When combing through the Samsung community forums, we found that a lot of users are complaining that their Galaxy S8 reboots randomly. The phone apparently just restarts when in between doing some process or while just sitting idle.

This can be a real pain for the users, specially when the device is like a day or two old. This seems to be the number 1 issue with the Galaxy S8 and S8+, and there isn’t a proper fix for it yet.

Possible fixes:

  • If you’re on an AT&T Galaxy S8, you maybe able to fix the rebooting issue by uninstalling the Lookout app. This has worked for many.
  • Do a complete factory reset or a hard reset.
    └ If the issue persists even after resetting the device, it’s best to contact Samsung and have it replaced.

Galaxy S8 bootloop issue

Some users are facing issues with their phone where it gets stuck in a bootloop. This leaves the phone in a continues reboot state, where the user cannot do anything but wait. The phone is usually stuck at the booting screen.

Possible fixes:

  • Let your phone run out of charge, then charge it again and switch it on. This seems to get the phone back to a normal state.
  • If the above doesn’t work, try doing a factory reset on your Galaxy S8.

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Galaxy S8 bluetooth and audio issues

Some users are complaining that the audio from their Galaxy S8 speakers isn’t very loud or sounds different based on the app. Users are also facing issues with the Adapt Sound feature, wherein adjusting the settings leads to the app crashing.

A few others are facing problems with Bluetooth connectivity in their cars. It connects and syncs the contacts, but can’t be used as a media player.

Fix? Unfortunately, no. There aren’t any fixes for these issues yet. You would either have to wait for a software update, or contact Samsung care and hope they have a resolution. 

Galaxy S8 SMS notifications not working

A few users are complaining that SMS notifications aren’t being shown on their Galaxy S8 and the notification sound doesn’t work at times. This again, is probably a software glitch and should be fixed in a future update.

Possible fix: Try installing another messaging app like Google’s own Android Messages from the Play store, it just might fix the issue.

Galaxy S8 fingerprint scanner not working

If fingerprint scanner os not working on your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+, don’t worry, it probably isn’t hardware related. Some users have complained about the fingerprint sensor on their Galaxy S8 not working at times. But restarting the phone gets it resolved, though only for a while.

Possible fixes:

  • Remove registered fingerprints and then them back: Do this in the following order:
    1. De-register all fingerprint you added to your Galaxy S8.
    2. Go to Settings » Device maintenance » Storage » select Storage settings (from the 3-dot menu) » select Cached data » tap on Clear.
      └ Make sure this process reboots your device. If not, do so manually.
    3. Register fingerprints again.
  • Make sure you’ve the latest update from Samsung installed on your phone.

So that was it. If you know of any other widespread Galaxy S8 issues and their possible fixes, do mention them here down below in the comments section. We’ll be sure to put them in the list above.

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