Galaxy S8 single camera to be better than iPhone 7 Plus dual camera [Rumor]

Galaxy S8 is not set for release till mid-April, but we know from rumors that Samsung has finalized its specs, and thus may have naturally decided on camera having tested it. So, at least some people in the know, know about S8 camera. Right?

Today, a report has emerged out of China that the single camera we would find on Galaxy S8 — the Galaxy S8 Plus would feature dual-camera it’s been rumored — would be better than the dual camera you find on iPhone 7 Plus right now.

That’s pretty good, right? Even better for Samsung fans, and Galaxy S8 wannabes. But isn’t that obvious? Didn’t Galaxy S7 camera better the one we found on iPhone 6S and 6S Plus?

It did, so nothing really crazy here, apart from the fact that a single camera on Samsung device would be better than dual camera on Apple’s device. That makes us happy, too.

Let’s hope the margin between the dual camera on Galaxy S8 Plus and the current one on iPhone 7 Plus is pretty great, so much that Apple finds it hard to match up or exceed S8 Plus camera performance.

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