Release date for Galaxy S6 Nougat is close as it enters testing

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has made an appearance in GFXbench run Android 7.0 build, which tells us that the update has entered beta phase internally at Samsung headquarters, while not being available to the public as beta yet.

It has only been two weeks since the Nougat beta for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge were released and now we’re seeing the 7.0 beta for the previous flagships too, a bit sooner than we expected. The Galaxy Note 5 is said to have a Android 7.0 beta build of its own under testing too.

We don’t expect Samsung to release the beta update for the Galaxy S6 too, as feedback from S7 beta should suffice to iron out issues with their Nougat build, but just in case we’re proven wrong, you are better off prepared for this.

You can install the Galaxy Beta Program APK to keep your device ready to enroll into the Nougat beta program and as and when it drops by. The official OTA update to Android 7.0 is expected to hit the S6 and S6 Edge by January of 2017 at the most.

In other news related to Samsung, the Galaxy Note 4 (on Sprint) saw an update patch being released, offering performance improvements.

Competing OEMs are also beta testing Nougat on their devices. Asus has started beta testing for their Zenfone 3 (limited to ZE552KL for now). As of now LG is the only OEM providing a stable build (G5) of Nougat. HTC’s previous flagship, the One M9 is also expected to receive Nougat by January.

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