Galaxy S5 Neo Nougat update to arrive soon

Galaxy S5 Neo

Last month, we spotted the Galaxy S5 Neo running Android Nougat on GFXBench which suggested that the device could soon get the latest software update.

Well, it seems like we are not very far from the day as the two-year-old smartphone has been spotted on Wi-Fi Alliance today. Yes, that’s right.

The company hasn’t revealed a specific date or a time-frame during which it will roll out the update to users. But, by the looks of out, Galaxy S5 Neo users could get the update late this month or in early August.

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For the unaware, the Galaxy S5 Neo was launched in August back in 2015 and is just days away from the end of its two-year support window (Samsung specific) for Android updates.

Nevertheless, it’s good to see Samsung roll out the Nougat update to the S5 Neo. Once you install the update (when its out), you should be able to use most of the Nougat features including multi-window split-screen mode, revamped notifications, improved Doze mode, new emojis, and more.

The update should also bring a plethora of bug fixes and performance improvements to the smartphone.

Source: Wi-Fi Alliance 

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