Galaxy S10 5G model under prep, will be a limited edition

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Samsung’s smartphone year (2018) is over, at least when it comes to flagship phones. The next big thing is expected in early 2019 and so far we know it will be called Samsung Galaxy S10. We’ve also heard that it will have up to three variants, with a much smaller variant expected to join the standard S10 and S10+.

Now, it is emerging that the company is also working on yet another variant of the Galaxy S10 that will include support for 5G connectivity. With telcos expected to fully commercialize this technology in early 2019, the report says that the Galaxy S10 5G model could be released somewhere before or after March 5, 2019.

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Samsung has done this before when it released the Galaxy S4 LTE-A variant following the network’s launch on Korea’s SK Telecom, so it won’t be a surprise if this happens with the upcoming S10. What is still unclear is which variant of the S10 this 5G variant will be, but is likely to be the premium version – the Galaxy S10+.

Last but not least, the report says this 5G model will be limited to about 2 million units. Given how new the technology is, not so many carriers will be ready to offer it in 2019. Due to the increased cost of installing 5G radios, though, this variant of the S10 will probably be the most expensive in the series.

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Interestingly, the same report notes that the Galaxy S10 will be unveiled at the CES 2019, a show that is held in January of every year. We heard this last year too before the launch of the S9, but we all know what happened. If anything, this might just be a repeat of the same rumors, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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