New leak compares Galaxy Note 7 display with Galaxy S7 edge

The Galaxy Note 7 leaks continue, and would do so until the device is officially out on August 2. Today, we got hold of these pics, where the mighty Galaxy Note 7 has been put up against S7 edge sets (from Japan, Korea and Hong Jong — we don’t know why three of them) and Galaxy S7, which is lying left of Note 7.

While this is strictly benchmark comparison, but what’s more interesting to us is how the Note 7 display fares up against Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

Well, looking at Geekbench comparison pic (one at the top) the first impression is nice, the Note 7 looks the best — something we can’t say for any display available in the market right now when put up against the solid Super AMOLED panel of Galaxy S7 edge.

note 7 antutu

Looking at AnTuTu benchmark comparison though, the Note 7’s display is looking considerably dull, but this could be due to brightness dimming out while begin full on other sets. After all, it’s still white background that we see on Geekbench app.

The August 2 is approaching fast, and we will soon see Note 7 in official glory!


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