Galaxy Note 4 now available for pre-order at Amazon Germany, priced EUR 995.91 ($1286.82). UPDATE: US Price $899

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which was announced at IFA 2014 in Berlin earlier this month is now available for pre-order at Amazon Germany. But you don’t want to go pre-order, the thing is priced heavily at EUR 995.91 ($1286.82). Not that we weren’t expecting a premium price from Samsung, specially for the new Note Edge, but $1286 is plain ridiculous even if it has 32GB of storage.

Sammy, we understand that you got the design slightly right this time with a nice bezel and leather back but the device still looks the same Samsung and average. Also, if you thought 32GB would justify the price, you were wrong again.

Are you gonna buy this thing for this price? Let us know in comments below..

 icon-bell-o UPDATE (US price $899)

Sigh! We just found out that Amazon US also has Galaxy Note 4 up for pre-order and the price is $899. That’s justifiable!

Galaxy Note 4 Price USA

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