Galaxy Note 2 Saves Life of Cop, Samsung Offers Free Galaxy S6

galaxy note 2

While we are hearing about instances of smartphones bursting due to several reasons posing risk to the lives of their owners, a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has saved the life of a police sergeant major in Thailand.

Well, on Monday, Pol Maj Gen Sophon Thonglorm was shot, but he was saved fortunately as the Galaxy Note 2 carried on the left of his waist intercepted the bullet. The bullet went through the device and hit the officer in the side, but as its velocity was slowed down by the Galaxy Note 2, the wound was not life threatening.galaxy s6

Notably, if the handset had not been there for his rescue, he would have succumbed to the injuries caused by the bullet.

This story of a Galaxy Note 2 having saved an officer reached Samsung Thailand and the company has come forward to offer him a new Samsung Galaxy S6. The officer is provided with the traveling expenses to Bangkok to pick the device as well.

Regarding this, Pol Maj Gen Sophon Thonglorm has claimed that he will be going to Bangkok to collect the device. He mentioned that he usually carries his phone at the left waist and the bullet happened to strike the phone when he was shot. This helped him save his life and shoot back at the guy.

Source: ThaiVisa