Galaxy Note 1 Nougat update: CM14 hits the web!

The original Galaxy Note phablet, needless to say, was a very special piece of hardware and software marriage. Launched with 5.3″ display — pretty massive at that moment — it was laughed off by many, but it went to become a success, with its generation keeping up the buzz pretty well, all resulting into the Note-series getting the current best Android set in the form of the Galaxy Note 7.

We’re sure that Android Nougat for Galaxy Note 7 would be coming soon, possibly in November 2016, but you will be glad to know that even the original Galaxy Note, launched way back in 2011, has a Nougat treat reserved for it as well.

Read on to know more. And let’s touch down on some questions relevant to the Note Nougat update, even though their answers would be pretty obvious to daily readers of this blog.

No official Galaxy Note Nougat update

Until a device, flagship or not, is 2 years old, OEMs keep their interest in updating the device but once that age is crossed, the support is dropped. Similar is the fate of Galaxy Note too, and we’re not surprised either.

What surprises us is the fact that long after the device is truly forgotten, the developers are still able to create a ROM based on latest version of Android, 7.0 in this case, for the device. Pretty charming, you know!

Galaxy Note Android 7.0 update via AOSP and CM14 ROM

AOSP is source code of the Android shared by Google with the world. Developers can downloaded this, tweak it for a given device, and if enough resources are available, can cook a ROM for the device. We call these ROMs, AOSP ROMs. And, CM14 is the most popular AOSP ROM.

Luckily for the Galaxy Note, the CM14 ROM is available already for the device. Called the NightOwl, the credit for the ROM goes to bauner, it developer.

Download 7.0 ROM for your Note 1

Warning: The ROM is not suitable for daily usage as of today (September 06), but we hope it will be good pretty soon. The ROM only boots right now, so be sure to have a firmware saved on your PC, or TWRP backup, so that you can go back to working build easily.

Rest be assured that we will share all Nougat update for the Galaxy note with you that come via unofficial gates. Keep watching this space for more.

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