Galaxy C5, C7 and C9 2017 edition to have dual cameras at back

According to a Chinese smartphone leaker, the next gen Samsung Galaxy C series of smartphones would feature a dual-camera setup at the back. If this is true, the 2017 variants of the Galaxy C5, C7 and the C9 would feature dual-cameras.

Up until now, the reports and rumors have been suggesting that the Galaxy Note 8 would be the first Samsung smartphone to feature dual-cameras. However, as per the leaker, that won’t be true.

The leaker has also posted a rough sketch of what the new Galaxy C series with dual cameras could look like. It looks like the phones would feature a vertical dual camera setup with a dual-LED flash in between the two units.

We would recommend that you take this with a pinch of salt. The previous Galaxy C series smartphones were released in June last year. Samsung could launch the 2017 versions in June this year, so we there’s still plenty of time to go.

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  1. after large displays, bigger Mega Pixels and metal unibody design along with Bezel-less displays, Dual cameras are also becoming a standard on every smartphone these days, back in 2012-13 the only phones with dual cameras was HTC One series phones and since then in 2017 a phone as cheap as 70$ has a dual camera setup, of course it’s not that mind blowing at that price but companies r moving forward to give the best camera experience there is on smartphone to there customers at an affordable price tag which is good to see. Out of all the smartphone Giants only Sony and Samsung r still left with no dual camera phones but judging by the rumors of Note8 and this recent leak of the 2017 C-series phones, we can expect to see more premium and mind bowing Dual camera smartphones from the Korean Giant itself, I just wish it happen soon coz if the single cameras on the Samsung smartphones r better than any smartphone cameras there r then we can only imagine what wonders could the dual camera setup will do!!

    1. About Sony coming up with dual lens camera phones,they announced they’ll start releasing them in 2017 according to a few articles I read recently 😉

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