Galaxy Alpha Marshmallow Update: CM13 and other ROMs

Samsung hasn’t given us any release date yet for the Marshmallow update for Galaxy Alpha. Although we know that device is destined to get it, it would take another 2-3 months at the least, Right now, Samsung is in the middle of upgrading its Galaxy S6 and Note 5 devices to Marshmallow, which are its flagship devices. Generally, the mid-range devices, the A series and E series, get the update around 3 months after the official update rollout is complete for flagship sets of the year.

With Galaxy Alpha Marshmallow update not releasing for your device anytime soon, what do you do if you want it badly. Well, you can install unofficial update, available as custom ROMs, mainly CM13.

Called CyanogenMod 13 in full, it’s one of the most popular custom ROMs available today. You get stock UI of Marshmallow as against bloatware-laden TouchWiz UI from Samsung, which is also one of the main reasons you will love Marshmallow custom ROMs we have shared below.

There is cool set of features that Galaxy Alpha CM13 ROM comes with. You get theme ability and other customization features to tweak your device as per your wishes. CM13 is rapidly updated with latest Android releases, and overall, it will make your device look like Nexus devices which are update directly by Google and come without OEM customization.

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The Android 6.0 update will make device’s  battery life better than before, mostly thanks to a new feature called Doze. Under Doze, system manages background process and data even more aggressively when the device is not in use. This feature results in greater standby time by almost two or more times over the Android Lollipop, but that doesn’t mean you will miss out on important notifications — system provides short duration access to apps at limited regular intervals so that apps can sync data and you get notified accordingly.

Previously, users have to agree to all app permissions for install and also for updates, in Android M, users will get notifications asking for permissions only when they are using a particular function in an app.

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With 2GB of RAM inside, Galaxy Alpha can run Marshmallow update without any trouble. And because these ROMs are pure Android builds, they consume far less RAM than Samsung’s firmware that come pre-loaded when you buy the device.

Installing the Galaxy Alpha Marshmallow update provided below is easy. You can install it using TWRP recovery easily. And in case you want to remove it and go back to official Samsung firmware, that is easy too — in fact, just installing the firmware will remove recovery and ROM automatically, and your device will be back to factory state.

Note: The first stage is to install TWRP recovery for Samsung Galaxy Alpha (download latest recovery from here and install using guide link provided here), then only you can further go to the next stage for the 6.0 update. The TWRP will help you to install, backup, restore, and wipe your device all using TWRP method.

Galaxy Alpha Marshmallow Update

Supported devices

  • Galaxy Alpha (download the ROM as per model no. provided below.)
  • Don’t try this on any other device whose model no. is different than the one specified above.

Download Marshmallow Custom ROMs

Find the Marshmallow ROMs along with their download link below. Also linked is ROM’s development page, where you could find that ROM’s latest download link, the current list of bugs (if any) and the list of features and all other info about the ROM.

For model no. G850F

1. CyanogenMod 13.0 (CM13)

Download Link | Development Page

2. Resurrection Remix

Download LinkDevelopment page


For model no. G850FQ

1. Resurrection Remix

Download LinkDevelopment page

For model no. G850M

1. Resurrection Remix

Download LinkDevelopment page

How to Install

Well, download the ROM of your choice from above first. Then check the link below to guide on installing a custom ROM.

Be sure to also download and install Marshmallow Gapps linked below as these contain Google Apps like Play Store, Maps, etc. that are missing in the ROMs by default.

How to Install custom ROM | Marshmallow Gapps

Need help? Let us know if you need any help with this via comments below.