Fun alternative hot words to “Hey Google” and “OK Google”

We have all been there. That one moment when Assistant should respond to our “OK Google” and we get an awkward silence instead. The major issue with these voice commands is that most of us struggle with the word Google a lot and that’s probably why Assistant does not activate.

So till Google finds a way to give us an Assistant that can interpret every single garbled messed up version of Google that we throw at her, maybe using a workaround is probably a good thing.

A recent Reddit thread explores different words and commands that can manage to fool Assistant into activating. The ones that worked for us were “OK Poodle”, “OK Doo Doo”, “OK Noodle” and “co-kay Poodle”. It will probably work differently for you depending on the depth of your voice and pronunciation.

Let us know if you come up with funky alternative hot words in the comments!

Also, your Google Assistant can now be called for help using the Waze app. This helps a lot while you are driving.

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