Google Assistant is now active in Waze

Austin Chang, Director, Google Assistant announced the integration of Google Assistant in real-time navigation app, Waze yesterday. Until now, Assistant only worked with Google Maps but with this update, you can now give voice commands to Assistant who will play music and organize your day without interrupting the app.

Getting Google Assistant on Waze is a big deal. For one thing, thousands of users will now have an even better experience when they use the app, also, you will have an option besides using Google maps now if you are heavily dependent on Assistant.

So if you’re driving, you can now give voice commands like ‘Hey Google, show me the fastest route’ or ‘Hey Google, report the traffic status ahead’ and Waze will still navigate for you with minimal distraction. If you haven’t switched to using Assistant yet because you didn’t want to give up the convenience of Waze, you can start now and enjoy a better and safer driving experience.