Full English Pack for MIUI on HTC Incredible S is here, thanks to l0st.prophet!

Devs are great — in case you needed one more evidence of it, consider this: only yesterday, the Fengbao Android ROM team ported the the Desire HD MIUI to Incredible S to make many many Incredible S owners dance in joy and now another dev, l0st.prophet at XDA forums, has made efforts to further refine the MIUI port from yesterday — adding the full English language support to the ROM — and he’s got successful too. If the semi-English port launched yesterday by Fengbao team made you think twice over whether it’s time to give MIUI a shot or not on your HTC Incredible S, there’s literally no chance to not try the great MIUI ROM now, unless you’re too much at procrastinating even the much-enjoyable custom ROMs stuff, too.

But it’s not totally bug-free right now. For instance, the front facing camera isn’t working right now, as also the vibration upon key presses but hey — that’s a very small price you’re paying for world’s best theme engine in the world’s one of the best custom ROMs. Of course, these bugs won’t be there, like, forever and will be worked out pretty soon I guess. So, if you wanna make a switch to MIUI and wanna dive into themes-and-themes world, read on.

To install the MIUI ROM v1.7.1 (which is the latest version) on your Incredible S, follow the guide below:

Install Instructions:

  1. (REQUIREMENT) If your phone is already S-Off (How to check S-Off here), skip to Step 2. Otherwise, you need to S-Off your Incredible S first, that is, turn the security Off on it so that you can root and install clockworkmod recovery too.
  2. (REQUIREMENT) Install the latest Radio, too, otherwise the SIM might now work. If you want, you can follow this guide over here on XDA. But if you want an easy guide, wait for my own step-by-step guide, which will be live soon.
  3. Download the ROM from here — multiupload link.
  4. Connect your phone to PC and transfer the ROM to phone’s sd card.
  5. Boot into Recovery (you’ll get this only after you’ve got S-Off on Incredible S). [While in recovery, use Volume UP and DOWN buttons to scroll and Power key to select the option.]
  6. If you want to have backup of your current ROM, do it now. it’s not required for MIUI installation but it’s good to have a backup so that you can restore to pre-MIUI time without any trouble:
    1. In the recovery, go to “backup and restore”
    2. Select ‘backup’. This will backup your current ROM with all apps and data. When you want to restore back, simply use the restore feature.
    3. Select Go back to come to recovery main menu.
  7. Do a ‘Factory Reset’ now (this will delete all your apps all data). (That’s why a backup is recommended to have)’:
    1. In the recovery, select ‘wipe data/factory reset’
    2. On next screen, select ‘Yes — delete all user data’
    3. Wipe Cache too. Select ‘wipe cache partition’ on the recovery’s main screen and then select ‘Yes – Wipe Cache’ on next screen.
    4. You’ll be back at main screen now. DO NOT reboot phone! Follow next step.
  8. Installing MIUI ROM:
    1. Select “Install zip from sd card”
    2. Select “choose zip from sd card”
    3. Select the MIUI ROM you transferred in step 4 above. Choose ‘yes’ on next screen.
  9. The MIUI ROM would be flashed. After the process is finished, go back and select ‘reboot system now’.
  10. Once the phone restarts, you’ll have MIUI ROM dancing on your phone.
  11. Credits:
  1. l0st.prophet – for translating the MIUI ROM to English. He’s also working/assisting to translate in other languages too.
  2. Thanks the devs — “kingwolf,bl4ckluna,xiaoliang,逆鳞,独孤天马,and all brothers unite members” — over here who made it possible. It’d be always nice to donate these hard-working-and-loving guys for there good work.

Since this ROM gets update to often, you better check the official page (or this very page, since we keep updating too) so that you’ve the latest and greatest version.

Leave your thoughts in comments below.

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