Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Quick Settings toggles like Mobile Data by adding them all manually

Well, if you are rooted, here is the Quick Settings toggles fix that would bring back the disappearing toggles back to your Samsung Galaxy S6. You can add as many as you want, and even decide on how many toggles will show up there, changing from the default 10 toggles to even 20 – -cool! And there’s more, using the list of toggles provided at the xda page linked below — you will need to enter exact name of the toggle — you can specifically choose which and which toggles you want in Quick Settings and what not.

And the list of amazing hack using this trick doesn’t end here — if the Quick Connect and SFinder have never been able to impress you, you can get rid of them from here to save more precious space in the drop-down.

To get help with how to do this, check the xda page by oluwaponmile, who deserves full praise for the job done. You will need an app using which you could edit the Settings.db — home to all toggles in the notification bar and more — and you can choose from SQLite editor (costs $2.99), or free ones from aSQLiteManager.

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