First HTC One M9 OTA update is out, ROM version 1.32.401.15

Root and stuff before public launch has often surprised us, but the HTC One M9 is even receiving an OTA update before hitting the stores. The device has been handed out to a handful of reviewers, who yesterday posted the reviews, and their devices were probably running the 1.32.401.8 firmware version at latest, but this OTA update brings up the version to 1.32.401.15.

The jump in version number may seem small, but the changes undergone on this OTA must be huge as the update comes in at a size of 327 MB — which is pretty large for first update for a device. We have no details on what changes it’ll bring, but there aren’t going to be any new features for sure. Our best guess would be a huge list of bugfixes.

If you’re planning on getting yourself a HTC One M9, expect an OTA update waiting for you as soon as you turn on your shiny new phone. An by the size of it, it looks like a serious update too.

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