Find Out you Heart Rate in Just 10 Seconds with Instant Heart Rate Android App!

Instant heart rate

Is there anything your android phone can’t do? Of course there are lot of things (still!) but one thing you wouldn’t have expected from Google’s iconic mobile OS in your phone is – measuring your heart rate. That too using only phone’s inbuilt camera in just 10 seconds. Kind of magic it seems. Well, with Technology it happens! Download links are given below, have Fun.

How To Use / Features:

  • Gently press your index finger over the camera and hold it for around 10 seconds. By that time, your heart rate will be shown on the phone.
  • Make sure there is good lighting or adjust the options for dim lighting, etc
  • In the night time, face the lamp or light source for better results
  • Take care to not press the finger too hard or it will distort the process!
  • That’s it. Try it and let us know how does it feel

You may be thinking of it as a kind of 1st April joke but there is a reasoning behind every number that pops out as your heart rate:

This application measures oxygen saturation changes in your blood. On every heart beat your blood becomes more oxygen rich which causes a slight change in the color of your skin. Camera in your mobile tracks that changes and calculates your heart rate. It works similar way as a medical pulse oximeter but without a dedicated light source.

Compatibility: Latest Version 1.0.7 supports all android versions.

Download the ‘Instant Heart Rate’ for FREE.

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official page.

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