Facebook Messenger to allow users to Unsend messages

Facebook, after a long wait, is finally sending out an update to the Facebook Messenger app that will allow users to “Unsend” their messages on the Android and iOS apps, reports Techcrunch. This update is being rolled out in phases and the first countries to receive it are Bolivia, Poland, Colombia, and Lithuania.

To Unsend the message you sent erroneously, tap and hold on the message to see the option “Remove for Everyone” appears on the screen. Simply tap on the option and the message will be deleted from your and the recipient’s screen. However, this option is available for just ten minutes after the message is sent, after which the message cannot be removed.

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It is worth noting that Facebook will keep hold of the deleted message for a while longer in case it’s reported for harassment and requires review.

This isn’t the first time we’re seeing such a function on an app. This option has been on Whatsapp Messenger, a subsidiary of Facebook, for quite some time now and hence the Facebook Messenger rollout seems severely delayed. In the meantime, Gmail developed and launched the ability for users to “Undo Send” emails, albeit within a much shorter window of up to 30 seconds after the email is sent.