F-Droid update brings major UI improvements

A new alpha update is available for F-Droid Android App Store that brings major UI changes and improvements. This is a welcome change and had been requested by the users from a long time.

If you didn’t already know, F-Droid is a Google Play Store replacement. It doesn’t require the user to create an account to download apps. Of course, there aren’t as many apps on here compared to the Play Store, but the selection of apps is good.

The latest update to F-Droid feature a complete redesign, making it easier for users to search and download apps. The old lists for apps has been replaced with cards, similar to how things are on the Play Store.

The apps on F-Droid have a free open-source license and developers also provide the source code so others can modify the apps to their liking. You can also send apps to others over Bluetooth or Android Beam.

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