Early OnePlus 7 Pro previews have some mixed results

OnePlus 7 Pro New York Times

OnePlus fans know that two weeks from now, OnePlus 7 Pro will be announced. The device has been in the rumor mills for weeks now, meaning we already know about the features to expect.

OnePlus has even gone ahead and confirmed some of these features, but with more time still ahead, the company isn’t done with hyping the device just yet. To drive this campaign, the company has enlisted the services of the New York Times, DisplayMate, and Wired publication.

The New York Times ran a full-page ad tagged “Just a better phone. OnePlus 7 Pro.”


On the inside, there is other text as seen in the tweet below, with OnePlus appearing to aim digs at some of its competitors in the market.

In the case of DisplayMate and Wired, the two already have their hands on OnePlus 7 Pro preview units and they have some early observations to make. According to the former, the OLED panel used on the Pro is the best they’ve tested with an A+ rating.

The panel scored some good marks in tests that include brightness, color and contrast accuracy, as well as pixel density. DisplayMate will post the full review on May 14th.

As for Wired, the publication took the OnePlus 7 Pro camera for a spin and for some reason, the results aren’t so good, more specifically for the 3x zoom functionality. Yes, the publication can confirm the camera supports up to 3x zoom, but not much has been revealed about the full camera specs apart from things like 0.3 seconds shutter lag and Auto HDR.

Wired says “there’s marginally less detail, more noise and less mid-tone contrast in the OnePlus 7 Pro’s zoomed images.” When you “look closely you’ll see a fair amount of specular noise in 3x shots, even in daylight images, and occasionally color noise in the darker areas.”

It further notes that pixel binning on the non-zoom camera results in heavy noise reduction that appears to be “hammering far-away foliage into watercolor-like patterns.” All of these doesn’t sound so good for OnePlus, but luckily this is only a preview unit and we know what software updates can do towards improving the camera.

Make no mistake, the OnePlus 7 Pro camera is still one of the best out there. Wired was able to take some great photos as well, including one putting the sun directly in the shot, something that is not always easy to get right.

OnePlus 7 Pro photo sample

Hopefully, OnePlus will have ironed out all or some of the major kinks in two or three weeks’ time. You can check out the full Wired preview of the OnePlus 7 Pro here.

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