Duo’s group video call feature available in United States, Canada and India

group video calling release google duo

Group video calling in Google Duo is easily the most anticipated feature for the fans of one of the best video calling app around. While the group call feature was recently released to our friends in Indonesia, the rest of us could only wait for the wider release of our favorite feature on Duo.

It looks like the wait is over. At least for Android users in the United States, Canada and India. The popular video calling app Google Duo’s group video calling feature is now active in these regions.

The process has been slow. The video calling feature first became available in Indonesia in April 2019. It looks like it received the response Google was hoping for. Since then, it has subsequently been rolled out for the United States, Canada, and India on May 8 as well.  So if you’re from these parts, you will be able to access this particular feature.

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Even though testing from last December indicated that the Duo will be able to accommodate 8 people, but it’s capped at 4 right now. However, Google is will be ramping up the number slowly according to John Uberti, a lead on Google Duo.

Google has still not indicated when this feature will become available to the rest of the world. For now, users from the United States, India, and Canada have finally received this update and have started using the group video call feature.

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