Droid 2 gets Blur 3.0 in Leaks. Profile Switcher comes too.

Moto blur version 3.0 for Droid 2 has been leaked bringing the much wanted Profile management system, found on Droid pro and Droid Global.

Want the Droid Pro’s (and Droid Global) multiple profile keeper-switcher feature on your Droid 2? You’re definitely in luck today; there is a leak broken for your Droid 2 before anything official came out, which will get you the very coveted feature right at your disposal on the very same Droid 2.

This method will upward revise your droid 2 to version 3.0.0 (it’s still android 2.2, no Gingerbread or Honeycomb, in case you’re wondering!).

Droid 2 Profile Switcher

The installation isn’t insane (and damn simple if you’ve already been through it just a couple of times!):

  1. Download tis file from here. (Mirror) [Size – 123.89 MB]
  2. Place the downloaded file on the sd card (don’t put inside any folder)
  3. Go to recovery mod. You need clockwork mod recovery. If you don’t have it already, download a free app called “ROM Manager”, and select ‘flash clockworkMod Recovery’.
  4. Once installed either go to recovery manually or an option in ROM Manager itself called ‘Reboot into Recovery’
  5. Once into the recovery, go to install zip select allow update.zips (deprecated), install update.zip
  6. Once done, reboot your phone. That’s it. You’ve acquired the instant ability to change device’s mood at work, home, party, etc.

This tip was released by prdroid from mydroidworld.com. If you like his work, consider donating him.

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