Dragon Mobile Assistant is your another Google Now and Siri-like app


Gone are the days where we interacted with our gadgets using buttons, it’s the touch era and who knows! Voice commands could set a change in the air very soon. One such app is the Dragon Mobile Assistant (Beta), aimed at being as natural as possible than it’s Siri and Google Now counterparts, this app builds on top of the popular Dragon Go! directed speech experience.

Not only does this app understand your command and respond in a natural manner, it also uses a feature known as the Driver Mode which wakes up the app on saying Hi Dragon!, also this feature let’s Dragon Mobile Assistant read out Text Messages and Emails aloud.

Sounds interesting? Well, head to the Play Store and start downloading. It’s your turn to say ‘Hi Dragon!’

Note: This app can be installed only on device running ICS and up, and don’t forget to check out the play store video for this app!

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  1. it says not compatible with my device i.e., Samsung galaxy tab 2 although it is running on Android ICS 4.0.4 :((

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